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These Bulldogs are Extremely Sweet-Faced

"Dempsey, you are more proof that bullies are the cutest!"

comment by tropicsteve

"His adorable I had an american bulldog for fourteen years she just past this last oct I miss my Ethal and you bulldogs face looks just like her., Thank you for sharing "

comment by sunray

"Dempsey is a perfect name the lovable old soul!"

comment by pelligrino

"wicked cute!! i have always wanted a bred like this."

comment by mickey101

"Wrinkle alert! :) What a cutie."

comment by gryt

"What a cute I have a Victorian bulldog named Bella and I bet she was that small when she was a puppy now shes full grown they grow so fast :)and:("

comment by MollyO

"O my darlin, o my darlin, o my darlin Clemintine. How I'm wishin, how I'm wishin, how I'm wishin u were mine! "

comment by schotime

"Clementine has quite the nifty wardrobe! She is so adorable!! Omg."

comment by gryt

"I just love these lil bulldog "sits." She is so amazing!"

comment by carlisue10

"Thanks friends! Nice to meet you! "

comment by CleverClementine

"Plus, all of his pictures are very adorable and I hope he has a very long and super happy life in his loving FOREVER HOME!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Handsome boy!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Awe...If that pictures doesn't sum up a "BULLY"....well, nothing does! Gorgeous, cute...I have a bully boy too....the snoring,tooting....it's love, eh?"

comment by lvdoggirl

"He looks like he's a friend that's a lot of fun and really loyal! Such a handsome guy@"

comment by luvmyboyz

"What A Sweetie!!! I LOVE The Name!!!!"

comment by clementinem

"I bet your handsome friend keeps a smile on your face! He is adorable!!!!"

comment by ckendall

"Sweet Sydney is as cute as a button!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I just want to pinch the wrinkles....she is so beautiful. "

comment by tobymomma

"How Precious. So little...She is a 10 on the Squishy Scale. "

comment by tobymomma


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