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Time for a Bulldog Puppy Party!

"HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by starheart5

"What a great looking dog! She's got markings like my Lacy. Bully's are so much fun, they crack me up daily."

comment by spaulsen9

"You are so cute!"

comment by jlgray4012

"Awww shes so cute,does she like playing in the pool"

comment by Chance551238

"my dog has a pool too! luv her! lol. casey puts her whole face under and opens her mouth and then blows bubbles!"

comment by CaseyAndCallie

"Hello Princess Fiona! You are very very pretty! I HOPE YOU AND YOUR WONDERFUL 4EVER FAMILY ENJOY LOTS OF HAPPY YEARS TOGETHER FULL OF LOVE AND ENDLESS FUN! You have a very lovely name! Bye Bye Sweetheart!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I like what I see!"

comment by virgilsmama

"The tutu is a wonderful accessory for such an adorable princess. They should have used this as one of the daily puppy images. Wishing you many happy years together."

comment by sowhatisnew

"she is so cute life is more fun with wringles and zebra stripes."

comment by r80mickey

"To me, her expression says, "Really? You're kidding, right?! I'm a bulldog, not a ballerina!!" I love the name...it suits her perfectly, but don't try to put lipstick on that bulldog!"

comment by momomtx

"Such a pretty girl! :)"

comment by gryt

"2 cute 4 words!"

comment by wolfgirl66


comment by robindoll8

"Lady Lacy Underall is beautiful! Elizabeth~"

comment by lizanne

" I love those adorable faces "

comment by karenpruitt

"What a darling face Lacy has. The picture of her sacked out on the sofa is so cute! Bulldogs rule!"

comment by georgia04

"Awww! What an angel face; Lovely Lady Lacey."

comment by Rickysmom


comment by Dodgerdog


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