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These Bulldogs are Really Fluffy

"I have always thought MY Ziggy had American Bulldog in her... and looking at this face, I'm convinced!! What a cutie!"

comment by zigsmama

"Very cute! My American Bulldog hates the rain too!"

comment by wilmer

"oh my but zella looks just like my little boy taz their hobbies seem to be the same and he loves everything people ,dogs,cats,squirls and so on we also seem to have the same problem getting finished with walks. please be our friend. taz in texas"

comment by trudyannette

"She has the best expressions- lover her"

comment by maddie the dog

"hey, she is one of my favorite dogs on her u r lucky to have her"

comment by limegreen411

"zella is so adorable! she is such a beautiful bulldog. we would love to (someday) have one just like her! where did she come from? would you be willing to give a referral? we won't be ready for a pup for a year or so yet, but would love to be in touch with her fam, if they are perhaps planning for more puppies. many thanks!!"

comment by lauren_c

"and this is the face that broke a thousand hearts... what a great shot"

comment by guerrero's grandma

"Zella is a gorgeous girl & I love her smile... just beautiful!"

comment by guerrero's grandma

"zella you are my favorite dog on this hole site!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U!!!!!!!!!"

comment by drewbydoo101

"she is so cute!!!! i have an american bulldog to. they are soooooooo loveble"

comment by drewbydoo101

"love her"

comment by drewbydoo101

"Oh and btw I love her grown-up pictures! She sure has turned into a pretty doggie :)"

comment by dobielove17

"OMG!! Sorry about the comment - that was meant for Conner the bulldog pup. I have no idea why it's here though :S Zella is too cute! I'm just so annoyed I didn't have a DP account when she won it >:( I would've definitely commented on her! I still voted her 11 bickies though :) Tons of hugs & treats from Pippin to Zella! "

comment by dobielove17


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