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Couldn't You Just Look at These Cute Bulldogs All Day?

"You are the cutest pup!"

comment by yorkiejordy

"WOW! 100% CUTE+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"You're so cute, Chubbs! :) Hope you live a long, healthy, and happy life! :D"

comment by theflyingdogandhorse

"too cute"

comment by r80mickey

"I love Chubbs! He is so cute, I love his name too!! "

comment by mastiffs3

"Ohhhh Knuckles....I love, love, love your name....and you are just a sweetheart!! My friend is on his 3 bulldog and he is just as sweet as you....a big mush, lover and a friend for live!! Many hugs from me & McGee!! Too cute!! :-)"

comment by yankigal

"KNUCKLES!!! Isn't that the grandest name you've ever heard??!!! You are very, very handsome and I bet the most loved and loving boy in your house!"

comment by virgilsmama

"Thanks! The bullies are awesome!"

comment by Bulldog123

"100% CUTE+!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"This photo ranks in the top 5 of being "out-of-this-world" adorable. I am e-mailing Dunkin's DP page to friends/family and I am definitely adding this shot to my favorites....I can't stand the cuteness. Smile, smile, smile...."

comment by w102663

"just adorable!! hugs from Memphis...."

comment by stillwater20

"he's hoping when he wakes up, there will be a big glazed donut in his bowl! Have you realized that EVERYONE is in love w/ this little mush muffin! You guys are so lucky!:)"

comment by pupfanatic

"Dunkin the donut is constant entertainment!!! Look at this!!"

comment by pupfanatic

"So sweet and cute! Puddin', great name!"

comment by virgilsmama

"Puddin seems to have a real zest for life! You go girl!"

comment by gryt

"Puddin you're a very pretty girl."

comment by Jose

"You are very cute, adorable and the way your personality shines through in every photo tells me you are full of delightful character and I can see where you would have your humans totally adoring you. You probably don't even know you might be different with three legs. I have a dog with only one eye and he rules the roost and nothing stops him from living a full and snarky life. He is a kick in the pants, and though the smallest of the furry family of ours, he is the king and a little warrior. Wishing you many happy years of love and smiles with your human family."

comment by Critter Crazy

"he is to cute and this he can sleep anywhere"

comment by r80mickey

"What adorable pup! this breed was the first ive had. They are great dogs! :) "

comment by mickey101


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