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Can't Get Enough Pix of Charming Bulldogs?

"Gordon is a natural New Yorker: can sleep anywhere, in any position, at any amount of noise! "

comment by lucyny2000

"Son of a... yeah, I thought sweet little Gordon was a full bully too. What a cutie!"

comment by hamachi

"That little body... Oh Gordon! He's absolutely adorable."

comment by gryt


comment by rishonarah.trezevant

"What a cutie!"

comment by gryt

"i think honey is just about the most adorable puppy i have ever seen (and ive seen quite afew). What i wouldnt give to scrumple her! I am so taken with her that she is now my wallpaper, sitting in her swing!"

comment by scrumplepuppy

"Honey is so sweet! Love to give her some hugs."

comment by pleightx

"I agree, there is a dominant Shar Pei gene there, and some Boxer.. You are sooo adorable! I wish you and your Mommy many happy years together!"

comment by monkeynbubba

"How cute! Honey looks so huggable!"

comment by melaniezemail

"This is just an opinion but she looks a little like a Shar Pei but I not for sure"

comment by love_my_dog_101

"thank u"

comment by nikonmiami

"he romped and splashed shorty after"

comment by nikonmiami

"What is there not to love? Fat little belly, smushed in face, ears flying, happy puppy! Love all the pictures. "

comment by dancngshoes

"Ok, I've got him by the throat! Now what do I do? Beautiful baby!!"

comment by dancngshoes

"All of these pictures are terrific, but this one!!! Wow! I'v got a "tiger" by the tail! Lovely puppy."

comment by dancngshoes


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