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These Goofy Bulldogs are Everything You Need Right Now.

"I have put you in my favourites, your mummy takes a great photo of you, they should be put in a calendar....."

comment by lovely latvian

"Winnie is beautiful!! I love when their tongue sticks out!!"

comment by jpowers

"she is living the good life! cutie!!"

comment by iluvpupos

"when i sall the picture with him sleping he lookt like a sleping piglite"

comment by sydney424

"so cute"

comment by sue

"i love him! colours r beautiful :)"

comment by shar85

"Dozer is so cute! How much does he weigh at 4 months?"

comment by olliegirl


comment by msh85

"Dozer is so cute!!! looks like he's got a favorite toy!!"

comment by jpowers

"omg hes cute!"

comment by doggy_dancer101

"I also have a puggle and they just have a face you can't refuse. I am surprised at the people that think they are bulldogs. Abbey has the body of a pug. Poe is so cute. She looks just like Abbey in the picture. They all have the same eyes."

comment by cajobe

"She looks like a mini Boxer! Too Cute! Wish she was mine."

comment by SBRYAN

"Bliss! "

comment by Lina

"Poe your soooooooooooooooooo cute cuddling with your little pig. I hope that you have a great life."

comment by Jose

"awww look at those big sad eyes... he is gorgeous!"

comment by zen

"I see Abby in the background eye-balling you to see what you're up to next! Lol"

comment by Abiglen

"so CUTE!!!!!"

comment by roxygirl233


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