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These Precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are Everything You Need Right Now.

"omg! she is so adorable I could die. I hope you have many happy and fun-filled years with Tessie. xoxo Starheart5"

comment by starheart5

"she is adorable!!!!"

comment by sassy dog

"she is so adorable and what a cutie!!!!! 11 biscuits."

comment by sac4563

"you must be so proud of you darling baby girl. She is adorable!!"

comment by qteepie702

"so cute almost perfect....if only she was a yankee's fan.....just kidding....adorable puppy"

comment by proudpuppyperson

"How adorable! She looks cuddly and playful. She sure looks happy when chewing on a stick. "

comment by pawprint1513

"Darcey is adorable! I love her face....it looks so sad and loveing....."

comment by lucyluv

"Awww she reminds me of my Toby! She looks so fun and sweet. How did you get her to like water or did she always like it? Toby hates water. "

comment by lilwatagurl

"Your baby is just too cute!!"

comment by katieL

"Yes she's full bred she just got the bad end of the stick being the runt and all. Alot of people ask me that and I can understand. And the paw thing is my fav too."

comment by katieL

"beagles rule!!!"

comment by kathy5

"Awwwww! He's so stinkin' cute! He can't real; he must be a stuffed animal! Lol! Seriously though, Riley is one stinkin' adorable dog! "

comment by wolfgirl66


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