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Happy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Day! These Cutie Pies Will Help You Celebrate.

"BEAUTIFUL! Love Cavies. You are Royalty. Hugs from Elizabeth, Miss Katie and Master Cooper in NY~"

comment by lizanne


comment by caviavery

"Fergus is ADORABLE!"

comment by Yeta

"What a handsome boy! It's not hard to imagine that Fergus is practically perfect in every way. Snuggles & treats to you from Oscar."

comment by Heather

"Fergus,your sooo handsome!You have the look of very proud boy.Your hair is so pretty,it must be hard to take care of.Lots of belly rubs!!!Please comment on my puppies."

comment by Debbie 57

"You are too adorable, Chewy. I think you look very dapper in your rain slicker and boots... :) oxoxox"

comment by w102663

"Aren't you cute!"

comment by oopsidaisy

"Hee Hee. Looks like he's thinking, Brrrr... my feet are numb."

comment by maltipinfan

"haha i love the name. he is a very cute dog. :)"

comment by TobysDaddy

"looks like carmel colored cow marks on an adorable pup"

comment by Sunday2009

"Happy BD treats & hugs to Chewbacca from Oscar. He is the cutest little guy. "

comment by Heather

"Hey,That was my cats name too.Sad to say he pass away on Thanksgiving Day.Chewy,your such a handsome boy.I love your beautiful smile!!Your hair looks so soft and what pretty colors.Lots of yummy treats!!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"Penny, you are a beautiful 3 month old. I think you will be a little heart winner. Dawn Renee says hello."

comment by tomthumb

"Oh, she's so cute it hurts! My Cavalier is a Penny, too (a ruby). I almost forgot what that priceless puppy face looked like."

comment by clbeia


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