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20 Really Mischeivous Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to Cheer You Up.

"Awww! Please add more pictures, your a real cutie! I think you could be dailydog! Just add more pictures, you can do it! SO pretty, your gorgeous Ginger."

comment by cutiepants26

"You are beautiful!"

comment by PrincessKate

"They look like the best of friends! Totally beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"IZZY IZZY IZZY! SO CUTE! Cavaliers are just the cutest! Izzy has those really cute big black eyes! JUST ADORABLE! 1000% ADORABLE and definitely on my favourites list!"

comment by cutiepants26

"precious! does she like to swim? one of my cavaliers - beau -jumps in the pool every chance he gets. whereas boo doesnt swim but he loves to get in the shower haha"

comment by abradley

"Oh, what a cutie! Spaniels are my second favorites breed of dog, of course Japanese Spitz is first, but my oh my your Isabelle is just melting my heart!"

comment by My Two Japanese Spitzs

"Adorable Aiden's as cute as a button!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Love your cavalier! I have one too, but ruby."

comment by kit_kat3456

"Aiden is super cute! you should submit him for the daily puppy! best of luck with him!"

comment by jazzloe lover

"love the name and love the markings!"

comment by jacques

"So cute love the ears looks so fluffy and soft!!!!"

comment by grace108

"AWWW! Happy 1st b-day! ;D"

comment by dogworld93

"Ohhhhh Rory...you have the sweetest face ever!! I love spaniels of all kinds and you are just a beauty!!! Hugs and belly rubs from me and McGee!! XOXOXO"

comment by yankigal


comment by mhighst

"You should know, Oliver and Henry's Mum! :)"

comment by RayC

"Adorable! The only thing better than having a Cavalier is having two! "

comment by Oliver & Henry's Mum

"Awwww....whatta sweetie-pie!! Loved all the pics but he looks so comfy here....lol Oliver is just adorable!! Hugs from me & McGee!! XOXOXO"

comment by yankigal

"Aw the only baby! bet he loved all of the attenshion. He is a lovely and cheeky looking lad wishin you all the best and many happy years together x"

comment by unicorndreams

"Rupert is a very handsome fellow indeed! I'm curious as to whom he is leaning against. Being an only puppy is quite unique, and often happens when the Mum is very young. The only thing better than having a Cavalier is having two! Enjoy a lifetime of cuddles and love as only a Cavy can give. Big hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario xo "

comment by Oliver & Henry's Mum

"Rupert you're a very handsome boy."

comment by Jose


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