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You're Gonna Want to Give all these Dreamy Australian Cattle Dogs Scritchies.

"Beautiful, loyal, faithful, loving and awesome FOREVER FRIEND!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Beautiful boy! I'm sure he's a wonderful dog. ;D"

comment by tobyslattery

"Hogan is my kind of dog: sturdy, intelligent and playful. He is a youthful 10+ so I guess the marshmallows are his fountain of youth. Please give him a big hug for me and throw in some marshmallows!"

comment by tazzysmom

"Cute! Check out my dogs, please comment on them! ^_^"

comment by puppymad17

"Hi Hogan! I want to be just like you when I grow up. Your Beautiful! RUNNER"

comment by jimbopegsue

"He is soooo handsome and i hope he gets adopted!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by sundayfriday

"Very cute! Glad he got a new home! Hope he likes it! "

comment by madelynk

"yeah!! so happy for you."

comment by loriam100

"someone please adopt this beautifull soul!! "

comment by isbel5926

"Hope he gets to go home with a good family soon!"

comment by doglover543


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