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These Naughty Australian Cattle Dogs are Everything You Need Right Now.

"Absolutely precious! Definitely a contender for featured puppy!"

comment by leia kelly

"What a face! Sage is too, too cute! Black & white whiskers, freckles on her feet and polka dots on her tummy! What more could you want - oh I know - a white spot on the tip of her tail!!!! Beautiful girl. Lots of treats and tummy rubs to you and to your big sister Bella. "

comment by dancngshoes

"Sweet Perfection! xoxo"

comment by chelsearosebud

"Sage is soooo cute! She is very smart!"

comment by Yeta

"Sage you're a very pretty girl."

comment by Jose

""OK...I'm cute....I know that I'm cute....aren't I???" Sage, not only are you cute but you're very intelligent looking...but what would you expect from your mix of breeds? It's hard to imagine that someone would abandon you on the steps of a shelter...yet that certainly beats ending up on the street. You've found yourself in a family that obviously thinks you hung the moon, so that's the best place ever to be! Love and tummy rubs to you, sweet Sage!"

comment by JanW

"luv ya xxxx"

comment by woofwoofmug

"uR such a good person rescuing many dogs. All of them r cute 2."

comment by lilywily88

"they are very cute!"

comment by dogs101

"I cant see how this cutie hasent been adopted yet! I wish her good luck on finding a good home! And congrats on her cutie sis!"

comment by doglover543

"Is Chloe adopted yet? I'd think that she'd already be adopted by now cause she got dailypuppy ages ago. Best luck to her. I really wish I could adopt her thou. =("

comment by cutiepants26

"SOOO cute"

comment by bella974

"love them"

comment by Sima

"These were adopted last winter. Sweet babies are in their new homes."

comment by ShadyCreekRescue

"We love your pics. You are so cute."

comment by browneyes

"So cute!"

comment by suppernes


comment by sassy dog

"aaaah, too cute!!!"

comment by rozier


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