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Your Soft Australian Cattle Dogs Have Arrived!

"Oh I just LOVE Brittnanys! I used to have one, but my stepdad kept her when we moved to a house with no dogs aloud :( anyway, your dog is SSSOOOO C-U-T-E!!!!! Hugs and kisses from me and my dogs "

comment by oommh

"love your dog and we can be freinds"

comment by nana1997

"She looks like a very happy girl!!! She's beautiful"

comment by mbouthiet

"1 word cute!!!!!!!!! "

comment by maxiscute6

"This photo speaks volumes not only for the beautiful country Canaan is taking into her beautiful being, but for Canaan who truly IS taking in the beauty surrounding her. She's a very special soul."

comment by chelsearosebud


comment by JJayJJay

"Sooo cute! I have a dog named Mitsie!"

comment by Anastazja Krakinowski

"Wonderful Dingo is soooooooooooooo ADORABLY HANDSOME!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Dingo, you are such a cheeky looking thing! He's absolutely beautiful, what markings! :-) Such a handsome boy - he doesn't look a day over 3. ;-) Hugs 'n' kisses."

comment by el perro


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