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Here's Some Very Cute Labrador Retrievers. You're Welcome.

"All of these are wonderful pics of adorable Miley!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"This is a lot of fun but a BIG kiddie pool would be even better! What a lovely little girl, I envy you! She looks perfect!"

comment by virgilsmama

"you are so cute miley i just want to take you out of the pictures and squeeze you"

comment by twinkie

"aw how adorable your eyes are just sooo cute "

comment by sophiecake

"What a breathtakingly beautiful face. Happy b'day Miley. "

comment by schotime

"Miley, how can you be so lovely? lots of bones and hugs"

comment by ronflank

"Uh puppies. Playing in their food dish. The adorable innocent trouble puppies can get into. Love the wrinkles in this pic. please comment on my puppies :) "

comment by rockford

"This adorable pic is priceless!I hope y'all enjoy many happy years with darling Dillon!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Awww! I can tell that wonderful Dillon is a very special member of the family!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Handsome guy! "

comment by pandrews-4

"aw, lovely dog. I have a black lab and they love attention, attention and more attention. :)"

comment by janaS

"how did he get daily PUPPY if he is like 1 year old? he was apparently born on valentines day 11 months ago..... anyways, he is cute."

comment by MayFlower

"Hi,Dylan!!Your so good looking.Your eyes are so adorable and what a gorgeous smile.Your hair is shiny!Lots of many happy years!!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"cute, cute and cute!!! i love labs, and yellows are my fave!! benji looks like my sunni when she was smaller!"

comment by yankeecajun121

"I hope you have a long and happy life with sweet Benji! A life full of patience, trust, joy, and LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Benji is a very pretty, cute, adorable, loving, trusting and wonderful FOREVER FRIEND! Great pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66


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