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Some Sweet-Faced Australian Cattle Dogs to Make You Smile

"8-) Thanks!"

comment by JohnnyNY


comment by ILoveRubydoo

"Aw, beautiful dog. Great backstory, Love her."

comment by Bentley08

"What an adorable little girl!! "

comment by gryt

"We love your pics. You are so cute."

comment by browneyes

"Such a beautiful boy!! Sweet soulful face."

comment by DLodge

"She is a particularly beautiful mix. I'm glad to hear she has recovered from a rough start. It's smooth sailing from here on in beautiful Bonzai!"

comment by cjp

"you are one of the most adorable puppies i have seen!!!! i cannot get over itt!! so happy to see your healthy and happy and have a good home =] i love you fur color and the say you have black on each side of your face =] licks from milo >^._>^"

comment by chocsxhot


comment by barb_dozer

"What a cutie! He looks so mischievous with the patch over his eye"

comment by astonish

"She is too cute! She probably loves to play! Bonzai is TRULEY adorable! Those little eyes staring back at me seem to say: "Will you play with me?" I love Bonzai! Your little girl is sooooo CUTE!"

comment by Yeta

"How cute. Really does make the top 10 cutest I have ever seen :D"

comment by Tigs101

"You have been blessed with a very beautiful and uniquely designed dog!! Be careful, if she ever does come out of her shell she will not only outsmart ya, but she will be hyper!!! We have the same breed...crazy!!"

comment by Stephie Esposito

"Bonzai is one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen in my life! She kind of reminds me of they way my dog used to look when she was also a puppy!"

comment by Ilovedogs!!

"Bonzai has the sweetest eyes. I just adore her!"

comment by DailyPuppy Admin

"Great pictures!!!Sammy, you know how to pose for pictures!!!Your BEAUTIFUL!!!!!Such a happy girl and very pretty hair.Lots of many happy years!!!!!"

comment by Debbie 57


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