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Can't Get Enough Pix of Lovely Australian Cattle Dogs?

"Lucille is a lovely name. Congratulations on the Grown Up puppy! Please give her lots of treats for me. Have a wonderful life together. KD and I are sending boatloads of love and wishes for wonderful memories in the years to come!"

comment by kdcrazy

"Little Lucille is a precious little girl! I love her to pieces. Give her lots of cuddles and kisses from me. :)"

comment by georgia04

"She looks a lot like my Maui--I love the grown up pictures-- :)"

comment by eduncan

"He was getting mad wasn't she. My lab/red heeler looked the same when she got mad/playing. I love it. So cute. I would love, love, love to see more recent photos. My baby is 2yrs old now. I would love to see if your baby looks like mine. "

comment by WhataCutiePie

"He is absolutely beautiful!!!"

comment by WhataCutiePie

"Hi Booker!!!Your so handsome.You have such a bright looking face.Your eyes are very adorable and what beautiful hair.Lots of belly rubs!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"I love Chance's face and he is so happy! Great smile!"

comment by pelligrino

"He is perfect! As is your entire pack. What kind people you are....."

comment by gypsyrobin

"Kiah is one of the cutest pup-sters! Love all of her pictures...."

comment by w102663

"How beautiful that pup is!"

comment by dogluverforever

"Kiah,your BEAUTIFUL!!!I love your markings and your pretty eyes.Lots of big hugs!Please comment on my dogs!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"Sweet Teddy is totally adorable!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Teddy is so cute when you were a little baby boy. But I think you are even cuter now. XOXO!"

comment by mychiensr1


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