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These Shih Tzus are Unbelievably Adorable

"what a cutie!!"

comment by jesseforever69

"Precious, ur a cutie pie!!! I bet ur wishing to go outdoors, cuz thats the look i give my owner, when i do!"

comment by guaguau

"Well, I see you have a smart human, because your name definitely fits you--you are Precious! Enjoy many more healthy, happy years."

comment by bestfriends

"Oh Precious you have the cutest little puppy face just like my Simba! Be good and stay sweet."

comment by Simba

"Precious you're soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute."

comment by Jose

"OMG!!! Siew Mei....you are the sweetest most ADORABLE little girl!! I just LOVED "EVERY" picture in your album and couldn't decide which one to choose because they are ALL simply ADORABLE!!! You just make me smile!! :-) XOXOXO to you forever!!!! TOOOOO CUUUUUTE!!!!!! :-)"

comment by yankigal

"Wow! Soulful expression, big brown eyes, pink bow and white fluffy puppy paws! It does not get any cuter than this! She is adorable. I would love to cuddle with her. Lots of bikkies to her."

comment by dancngshoes

"Siew Mei you're sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute."

comment by Jose

"what a lovable little face!! hugs from Memphis...."

comment by stillwater20

"Hi GD, Welcome to the Daily Puppy. You are a cute little thing. Hope your leg gets better soon xxxxxx"

comment by schnauzer

"What a sweet dog. I hope she is fine now."

comment by duettists

"Sweet! Not only our bodies are resilient, so are dogs! (and cats too). GD will be good as new soon. A few yrs ago, I delivered 6 Shitzu pups. It was crazy, my mom and I were up at my aunts place far away, her dog Mitzi was pregnant. My mom said gee, wouldnt it be nice if Mitzi had her pups when I was there. Sure enough that mom dog had her pups just before dinner , 5 girls one right after the other with 5 mins inbetween, the the boy took up to 4 hrs...we were all in bed, and had to jump out like crazy.... boys are slower than girls, even in dogs. lol! I was on a high for months...being the doctor delivery person....i am a true blue city girl, my mom and her sister my aunt lived on a farm and grew up there. It was the best experience ever. enjoy. that will last forever in my heart. dawgmom2Pawz. "

comment by Dawgmom2Pawz

"What an adorable face! Beautiful eyes - mealt your heart!"

comment by Cheryl, Phil and Millie

"he is so cute. i have a shih tzu but it isnt cross."

comment by tiny 2299

"how adorable "

comment by settles28250

"Yay Hey, congratulations you made daily puppy. I can't say i'm surprised you are so cute, you look like my Poppy when she was a pup, if you grow a beard you could be twins."

comment by schnauzer


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