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These Malteses are Mind-Blowingly Fabulous


comment by madelynk

"Lola is so cute! WAY 2 cute 4 words!!!!"

comment by madelynk

"Too Cute!! Maltipoos are the best! Cokey says Hi Lola!!!"

comment by Divine Dee

"OMG Lola is too cute! She looks just like my Maltipoo Daphnei and all her descriptions could go for my Daph also. Aren't Maltipoo's the best?!? Lots of hugs and kisses to you Lola :)"

comment by DaphneiRayne

"Thank you for the warm wishes !!!! I can't wait to have my favourite treat :) I hope it will not rain so that I could go to baseball field and run. I also enjoy playing hide nand seek. Yey-- I'm seven!!!"

comment by Miko


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