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Omg. Can't. Even. Handle. These. American Pit Bull Terriers!

"Oh yehhh thats one dangerous rottie/pitbull mix.. He'll knock u for six with the cuteness then steal ur heart, if he dosen't steal ur treats first...what a cutie pie!!!!"

comment by paulinespuppy

"Lol! You're too cute Jorge and a good sport too :-) "

comment by Abiglen

"Yey! First comment! XD Zelda is a cutie! I love her! She looks like fun! Enjoy your new family member."

comment by PipermyPoodle

"A to Z :-) So very cute!! Definitely a picture for my puppy slide show. "

comment by LATaurus

"Our dog looks identical to Zelda! We have never really known what breed he was, but I think I know now. Is Zelda full grown yet? Our is almost 7 and about 30 pounds. Wish I could send a picture of him!! "

comment by /heidel4.0


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