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20 The Most Sweet American Pit Bull Terriers to Cheer You Up.


comment by lucky&babesmom

"she is gorgeous"

comment by doggone1973

"Another gorgeous adoptable pup of yours...I hope this little girl gets adopted soon, Your photography is also good"

comment by Denvir

"awww......she is so beautiful!!! i wish i had room for an alpha female!! id love to take her home....i hope she finds a fantastic home!!!"

comment by AlanaDavis

"She is beautiful!And she has a really cool name!(:"

comment by *ilovemygolden*

"deisel is such a CUTE dog!!!!!!he is def in my favs!!!!lov every single pic!!!!they r alll so CUTE!!!!!!!giv lots and lots of lov to diesel from me!!i lov the coloring on his fur!!!"

comment by rcmcritters

"Uncle Cody wants to know when Diesel can come over and play :)"

comment by puppyluvr60

"What a cutiepie! You are sooo lucky to be able to take him to work so you are with him 24/7!!! I am so envious!"

comment by meganbooth

"owwwww cute"

comment by lucky123456789

"awwwww kisses and lots of cookies for Diesel!!!"

comment by lalamcgoo


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