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Here's Some Oh-So Fluffy American Pit Bull Terriers. You're Welcome.


comment by io echo

"Odie you are the worlds cutest! i love the ears! Future daily puppy!"

comment by Henry 'n' Gem

"What a handsome, adorable, cute furboy Otis is! Bless you for giving him such a loving forever home. Wishing you many years of love and happiness together."

comment by Critter Crazy

"What a perfect pup. :)"

comment by PuppyyGirl51

"Sooooooooooooo SWEET & ADORABLY HANDSOME! Please post more pictures of wonderful Titan!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I just can't get over how beautiful he is! What would our lives be like without these wonderful little critters?"

comment by smrgrl

"Guess you guys get the couch tonight!!! Okay, if you wanna sleep w/ me: FINE, just don't snore:)"

comment by pupfanatic

"He's just sweet, adorable and handsome! have a healthy life puppy!!!"

comment by kailexla

"Awwwww! Another sweet, adorable APTB! You're precious Titan!"

comment by jasper1


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