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These Fab American Pit Bull Terriers are About to Make Your Day.

"KD has such an expressive face. What an adorable love-bug. "

comment by staplegunsarefun

"Kd....beautiful girl! Love the mix Pit/Vizsla. That's awesome that your a therapy dog!"

comment by scdoxielove

"she's very pretty!"

comment by rubysmama

"Can I have her? LOL. Beautiful dog. Thanks for the comment you sent me about Trouble!"

comment by rottweiler13

"now she is what I call ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!You're so lucky!!!!!"

comment by puppyman123456789

"I love Kd! She's beautiful. It's so annoying that pit bulls arent allowed in my country >:( Check out my dogs, please comment on them! ^_^"

comment by puppymad17


comment by puppylover8292

"Funky Name But All The Same He's A Very Cute DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by siberianhuskylover

"what a pretty pit she is! if she had a little less white, she would look just my friends pit named nala. what a great story on how she entered you life. i love her name. the pic with her butt hanging out of the kennel is hilarious!"

comment by karikarikari

"what a cutie!"

comment by darkgirl


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