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These Joyful Bernese Mountain Dogs are Here to Melt Your Heart.

"Such a peek-a-boo sweetie xx"

comment by elliekawaii

"You look so much like my Bernese puppy!!! I'll post more pics"

comment by Snowdoggies

"Awww what a sweet pup!!! My Lily Belle,is a bundle of energy too, also a BMD, seems the same age and came to live with us in Oct. 2009 too! with an older dog (9yrs old) husky mix "

comment by Snowdoggies

"Picture of the Year! What an amazingly gorgeous Berner, and the expressions on both their faces is priceless! PLEASE let us see more pictures!"

comment by westiefan99


comment by sugar tail

"Nyla, you are just stunning! Have a wonderful life!"

comment by elviswestie

"I love this dog breed! More pictures please?"

comment by SiobhanOLS


comment by wolfgirl66

"oh my goodness, what a beautiful pup!!"

comment by weaverpup

"darby, thats a cool name like darby conley the cartoonist for get fuzzy"

comment by ryan101

"2 cute"

comment by newfieluvr

"COMPLETELY ADORABLE!!! My dog is half bernese and they are just the most loving dogs ever! Make sure to give Darby lots of kisses. She is the sweetest thing ever!"

comment by mgj375

"what a cute fluff ball!! Hope Monk gives you years of happiness"

comment by swabs

"Monk u r one happy baby doll. Pure precious. "

comment by schotime

"monk, your sole reason for being is to be loved and hugged! ^_^"

comment by Peeah

"i so wanna hug and kiss you, monk! "

comment by Peeah

"More pics - pllleeeaasseeee!!!! What a beautiful bundle of lovable fur!"

comment by westiefan99

"aww how cute is this? Puppies fall asleep in the strangest positions! What a beautiful little man Mason is!"

comment by shmorgesborg

"I love your furriness and your markings! I can see a daily puppy in your future soon Mason!"

comment by pepsidoggie

"Awwww, Mason with a stuffed animal. Sooo adorable! I'm sure your humans have nothing to do with putting the stuffed animal between your legs:-). Mason is so crazy cute!"

comment by mychiensr1


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