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Happy Pembroke Welsh Corgi Day! These Cuties Will Help You Celebrate.

"Harley tommorow night my family and my dogs will have a night barbeque party also we get a pie to,cookies!I will get a pie for you to!I will give you the best cookies!Have fun."

comment by Inu W ennel

"What a sweet boy! I'm glade he has found a loving home!"

comment by FamilyDogs

"I hope you get adopted Harley. Your Mix is sure one step closer to your forever home! Check out my dogs and please comment on them. Thanks! :) ♥ ♥ :)"

comment by DogLuva595

"awwwwwwwwww. im so glad that he got a home. i hope its a good one"

comment by Boltlover

"My husband and I are so upset over this !@#$%^&&*%$ stuff. We are sorry for your trouble and we only know how mad(not even angry)we would be if someone tried to claim one of our pups, present day kids or those in heaven. All I said about the Daily Puppy winner is still true from my heart only difference is Herbie is the great name and best of life to all of you."

comment by virgilsmama

"It looks like someone thinks Santa is holding something back on Christmas Day!"

comment by ursa'smomma

"Herbie Girl is such a beauty! Glad she won PotD, although the shenanigans involved are rather disheartening. I just simply love Corgis and HG is a prime example. Long life, and all the hugs and biscuits. ps: for those of you who doubt, check out the flooring..."

comment by ursa'smomma

"Herbie Girl reminds me of our (now deceased) Baby Girl. Same coloring and smiling face. I just adores pembroke corgies. I am happy things got taken care of with the phoney post. Enjoy every moment with Herbie; she is just so sweet."

comment by magnolia'smom

"Welcome to DP Herbie, glad to meet the real pup behind the great photos!"

comment by kian

"That's very strange but I'm glad it was all fixed up. Herbie is a beautiful baby!"

comment by jonnijones

"AWWW your pembroke baby is soooo cute. Impossible to pick one picture. Mine is 8 months now, I seriously love the breed and thanks for all the pictures!"

comment by jedi_clare

"you are so cute Herbie!"

comment by bullamastifflover

"Hi Butters! Wow! You are 100% ADORABLE+!!!! I hope you enjoy many happy years with your loving 4ever family! Bye Bye!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Butters: just something about Corgis w/ their little stubby (adorable) legs and big brown eyes. You sound like you have your family wrapped around your paws...as it should be!:)"

comment by pupfanatic

"AWWW I love your corgi! Look at those pretty ears. Very cute markings. Looks like he likes taking baths more than my Buckminster does. :)"

comment by jedi_clare

"That is a FINE pair of ears, Butters! Such an adorable little boy. I love your spirit! I look forward to when you tear up the sport of agility. Watch out everyone! :)"

comment by gryt


comment by wolfgirl66


comment by wolfgirl66

"Beautiful breed, beautiful Tegan! I would love to rub those ears!"

comment by pelligrino

"You are certain super cute!Love your color."

comment by lucybee


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