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Omg. These Pembroke Welsh Corgis Faces are the Best Faces!

"I love all of the comments. You all should know this boy is so loved he will never want for anything. The joy he provides us is and cannot be measured. He was truely a gift to our hearts."

comment by kitush

"omg the aatar pic is so beautiful! wha t a beauty!"

comment by i love my doggies

"i think this guy would make the BEST grown up pup of the day! try to submit him!"

comment by i love my doggies

"He looks like he loves to smile!!! He is very handsome!!"

comment by roo

"He is sooo cute"

comment by petlover19


comment by number1dogluver

"What a sweet heart you are....Look at that smile. Lots of love to you."

comment by mamadel

"Lol! Meet the Spartans quote: Spartans bow to stomp the yard! Adorable doggy! "

comment by kristyandpebbs101

"100% CUTE+!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Oh how I love Corgis! Tucker is so cute. I have a 4 year old WPC boy name Tyler, also a sable, he is the apple of my eye!"

comment by photojunkie7

"Tucker is a cute aand sweet fluff ball. Such a beautiful breed! Have a long, happy and healthy life pretty boy!"

comment by pelligrino

"such a sweet little guy!"

comment by oopsidaisy

"sooo cute. i love him so much. i want to stare at his pictures all day long."

comment by merp202

"Hey, Louie! You look just like me!! :) xoxo, Jax"

comment by Jax mom

"Gambit is just too adorable, and lovable."

comment by Chihuahua Lover 316


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