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Here's Some Verrrry Stunning Pembroke Welsh Corgis. You're Welcome.

"Wow! What a picture! It looks like it was professionally done! Noodles is quite the guy! Wish I could meet him ;-)"

comment by pandrews-4

"Love Noodles name."

comment by merp202

"It looks like he poses his pictures are so good "

comment by merp202


comment by wolfgirl66

"Dear Toby's Mommy: this pic; Toby...eyes closed, his soft head under your chin, both of you relaxed...is that total bliss or what? You are so lucky!!!!:)"

comment by pupfanatic

"What a sweet face! But those ears are a dead give away to his personality. "

comment by elliel

"I LOVE Corgis! Toby is too cute! Are you sure there isn't some raccoon mixed in there? I love his little eye markings! Thanks for the smile tonight!"

comment by beckykristula

"OMG!! I think I am in Love!! what a sweet heart! i love those short little legs! Suji would Love it if you would be her friend!!"

comment by wy@tt123

""u talkin' to me? U want me to get off the furniture? Do u know how long it took me to get up here?" "

comment by schotime

"what a sweet face! "

comment by robertacrim

"Little Sadie, you are one pretty pup! I love your coloring and big golden brown eyes!! I have a feeling that you're the "clown of the house" and enjoy giving your family wonderful laughs with your antics! Love and tummy rubs to you, sweetie!"

comment by JanW

"What an absolutely adorable picture! Sadie, you are a beautiful girl! Lots of hugs and kisses fro you precious and wishnig you a long, happy ,healthy life!"

comment by Honey42010

"OMG! Sadie was such an adorable puppy. Her little chubby body is "perfect" and her white little paws are a charming touch:) oxoxox"

comment by Abiglen

"Hi Evie. That's my name, too. But you are so much cuter! Glad to see you as puppy of the day. Big hug from SoCal."

comment by tazzysmom

"Evie, You are soooo very Pretty. Love your gorgeous eyes! You are just adorable! So cute you watching for your family to come home. All the anticipation, seems like forever sometimes. May you have many years of happiness, joy and a fun-filled life. xoxoxox "

comment by Katie's Mommie

"Evie you're sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute."

comment by Jose

"Aw, come on - this is just waayyy too cute not to see more!"

comment by westiefan99


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