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These Naughty Rottweilers are About to Make Your Day.

"she is 2 cute 4 words"

comment by puppyluverz

"Two of my favorite breeds are a Dachshund and a Rottweiler! I bet you would have been a little surprised if your Dachshund had grown into 100+lbs puppy! Scout is simply adorable, and Thanks God you were there in a right time, and Thanks God for people like you! I love you both, and I wish you endless years of health and happiness together! I am sure this is a begining of a wonderful jurney of the two souls, and soon you will think how could you live without Scout all these years! Blessings from NY"

comment by lucyny2000

"He is a cutie. Also that is a great story. He is very lucky to find a great home. I wish you many happy years together."

comment by jenlf

"Aww what a sweetheart. Lucky you to find such a treasure on the roadside! "

comment by gryt

"I love this innocent- but at the same time intelligent- look in his eyes.I think he's adorable."

comment by maroula

"I like the mix of beige and black of his legs. He's cute !"

comment by maroula

"What a wonderful furry family you have. Lucky you are, keep them safe."

comment by drakes' granny

"He is sooooo CUTE! "

comment by dogluvr975

"what a cute mix!!! he's sooo handsome!!!"

comment by Rottweilers r Awesome


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