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These Gorgeous Rottweilers are Everything You Need Right Now.

"I ment to say she! SORRY:("

comment by soccerdog#1

"I LOVE your dog! He's she's cute!"

comment by soccerdog#1

"i love her to see 1 more cute puppy go to dougan"

comment by puppylover#11

"hey , i guess we are kinda related becuz i have a rottweiler too , but he is 8 1/2 months I LUV LOLA , SHE'S REALLY CUTE! cutest little furball ever please check out my rottweiler :) "

comment by harpreet27

"your dog is soo cute i think shes adorable "

comment by dog lover me

"sooooooo cute"

comment by sdoogan

"Achilles is now about 110 pounds and he is the best dog :) we just love him so much. We joke all of the time that he is too well adjusted. He is perfect with people, kids, other dogs and just everyone. He loves to snuggle and play and eat ice cubes. His one bad habit is that he still likes to eat dirt like he did as a puppy :) If I let him he would stand outside and eat it all day, he's so silly. Thanks for all the comments, we love Achilles so much.."

comment by phattaway


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