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These Rottweilers are Preposterously Snuggly

"I LOVE HIM!!! "

comment by merp202

"!AWWWWWWWWWWWW! Totally beautiful!"

comment by lynxgirl77

"He is a real sweetie!!! hugs to him!"

comment by luvmyboyz

"Achilles is unbelievely adorable. Glad he got the spotlight on May 11th 2009! Hope he leads to happt & healthy long life."

comment by kendra blackie 08

"100% cute!!!"

comment by ilovemushy

"So adorable! Give him my love!"

comment by smartalienqt

"Oh man he is a good looking rott. His face is too precious."

comment by shygurl04

"Oh he's so cute - really a great and happy face!!!! Per your question: Differences between my rottie and my swissie: Rottie is sweeter but more afraid of the world in general. The Swissie is much more laid back in all ways - everything is an adventure of fun. They bonded immediately and completely - their size and temperament are really so similar that you would swear they are brothers. The other difference is that no one is afraid of the Swissie, while a huge Rottie gives people pause. It cracks me up - if they only knew what a love he is."

comment by mimichpell

"aww i got one just like him exept hes not a puppy nomore"

comment by baby gus

"So SOOOOO cute!!! I just wanna cuddle her."

comment by tina1281

"OMGosh Ruffa u r a beautiful girl! I luv your big paw paws and your Rottie markings. Big hugs, lotsa cookies & a very happy life to u!!"

comment by stellysmom

"Ruffa you are going to be a big beautiful dog!"

comment by pelligrino

"Kisses for you from Serbia, cutie!"

comment by mara31


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