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These Perfect Pomeranians are Here to Melt Your Heart.

"Now this is one cute pup!!! Glad he was rescued!! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"Thank you Prince Pippin! You are adorable too! "

comment by sevens88

"Beautiful pics of a wonderful dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Tommy is 100% adorably cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He sounds like a delightful FOREVER FRIEND and I hope he has a long and happy life!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Just too Cute! I bet your parents have loads of fun with you little guy! You will bring much happiness to your family for many years sweetie! Be healthy, happy and safe! Love"

comment by spiritmaiden

"Awwww...Tommy looks so much like my dog, Teddy."

comment by puppiesrule907

"He is so photogenic! He could be my Charlie's brother. Pomerinians are so delightful to have around. Tommy's soooooooooooo cute!"

comment by minnimin35

"AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! He is super cute!!!!!!!!!! He looks like a bundle of joy!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Your puppy is so cute I just wanna squeeze him !!!!!!!! he's so spoiled!!!!!!!"

comment by perkypuppy38

"cute "

comment by netsurferQUEEN

"I love POM Pom's! I have one too and my little boy looks bigger than yours. How old is Puff? Charlie will turn 2 January 31st and he weighs 17.8 lbs but he's lengthy. They're the best pet to have! "

comment by minnimin35

"Puff is a cute little fluffball :)"

comment by kendra blackie 08

"OMG!! puff is toooo cute/spoiled!"

comment by ilovetoto

"I love and miss my Paxton. Love u guys"

comment by Shayneeg


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