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Brace Yourself. You're not Ready for How Adorable These Pomeranians Are.

"oh, they are cute as all get out!! i hope they find good loving homes soon, and in the meantime, give them lots of kisses from me:)"

comment by vreddin

""i can fly!" lol! soo adorable! I hope he finds a nice, loving home! Please comment on my puppy, Alfie. He wold really appreciate it! ;) xoxoxoxo, ALfie!"

comment by puplove13


comment by msorrells

"Rowdy you are the cutest thing ever! I don't think he should be adoptable if I were you I would keep him!! :) Please check out my dogs. I added some new pictures of Brinley, one of my dogs, so please check him out."

comment by lindseyfamilyof4

"Rowdy, what an adorable little man you are! Relax, baby cause you will have your forever home with a loving family before you know it. As a side note, may I say that I totally agree with happypup, randomearrings, KentuckyJim, bopeep, and all others who called for a ban of the biscuit count. It can cause such bad feelings for owners who receive low ratings, and I feel it is not fair. As others hav said, EVERY puppy deserves the highest praise, love and understanding we can give them. They are ALL winners, whether they already have a loving home and family, or are still trying to find their true, lasting homes. PLEASE do away with this subtle but hurtful form of discrimination and let us just revel in the lively beauty of these puppies. I really think that's what The Maker had in mind, anyway, don't you?"

comment by jojosmom417

"Hope he has fun at his new home! Hes adorable. "

comment by doglover543

"Your little girl is just plain adorable!! She reminds me of my Bella (take a look!)"

comment by Bella'sMom


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