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Couldn't You Just Look at These Gorg Pomeranians All Day?

"Thanks 4 commenting on my cuddler. Trixie looks like one too!!(or maybe just a fluffy teddt bear!)"

comment by yorkiemaltesesweet

"just stoping by to say hi trixie"

comment by yonnah

"aww! Look at that face! Adorable!"

comment by yeahd00d

"So cute little miss mischief just like little muffin x"

comment by xjacuzzix

"Hello Beautiful Jack! I enjoyed looking at all of your cute pics! I hope that you enjoy a very long and happy life full of love!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Merry Christmas,little Jack. And happy holidays and a wonderful new year to all!"

comment by elviswestie

"super cutie"

comment by Snippy7

"She's a little bit of everything, isn't she! One thing is for sure: she's 100% adorable! Love this pic! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"They're about the same size here! (As opposed to the baby pic in the crate.) Dawww, how cute are they? "

comment by gryt


comment by wolfgirl66

"Big *SQUEEZE* for Meat Ball! (>v"

comment by puff

"What a sweetie! I have a pom too. They are the best!!"

comment by lovemypom

"it a cute pic of him"

comment by hi


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