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These Darling Pomeranians are About to Make Your Day.

"I would like meat ball to mate with my female chow."

comment by fishtalks


comment by chanceandellee

"Louie is so handsome, and I'm not trying to be "that one" but maybe you should hold off on using a dog as a stud until you get a pure bred or know what breed Louie is? He's cute and everything, but his pups could have any kind of temperament. :) He looks like he has some Pug in there, maybe a Puggle? =] He has looks like a mastiff, only smaller. He looks like one great smiley dog. ;] Chicken and Beef Treats from T&K."

comment by Tango!

"He's a cutie!"

comment by Nani_Mani

"Such a precious little bandit. Hehe."

comment by gryt

"Charlie, you precious little baby! Enjoy every minute of ever day!"

comment by goldenjoy


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