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These Yorkshire Terriers are the Poster-Pups for Being Squeezable.

"Oh my goodness! So sweet. Her misbehave -- I don't believe it. :)"

comment by dogmom

"I would Love to see updated pics of this precious girl. Can anyone tell me if Yorkie Shih Tzu mixes shed. Asthma sufferer."

comment by christyloo

"Absolutely Adorable!"

comment by PuppyPalace58

"What a cutie patootie! And she sure looks like she's sleeping a couple of martini's off here... She couldn't have been named more perfectly. Enjoy her and she you. "

comment by Muck&Mud

"What a beautiful puppy. She looks so sweet!"

comment by MaggieElizabeth

"cutie pie!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"She is such a sweet little girl. She looks like she had been part of your family for quite a while, but I see now where she is really a new arrival. I'm sure you'll enjoy MANY years with her - and her pink bows too. I can't believe some people are making an issue out of THAT of all things. I had 3 Lhasas at one time - 1 girl and 2 boys - and I always kept bows or barattes in their hair to keep it out of their eyes! I guess some people aren't happy unless they can cast their misery on others. Many blessings to you and your four-legged kids. Love them and enjoy them every day."

comment by pomtzu

"She's in my favorites too. I cannot get enough of her cute little face. Yorkies are always so darn adorable. "

comment by mindful

"I added her to my faves...She's so cute and what an outfits:)"

comment by mimi23

"She is absolutely adorable! I have a boy named Lex that looks like her. Same coloring and floppy ears! I think that gives them a little character! Love the bow, mine will wear a bandanna, when I can get it on him! Too cute!! "

comment by ltierney

"I had a yorkshire named London tooooo!!!! All in common!!!!! I cant believe it!!!!!! Please comment on London pics!!"

comment by londonsinha

"Oh my god! What a dolly doll! And keep the bow on and give a fierce bow-wow to anyone who disagrees viciously!!!"

comment by Softpaws

"I luv London! She is so cute. Just keep the bow on and ignore the other rude, nasty comments that other people leave. Enjoy this sweetheart! I wish I had a puppy like London. TOO CUTE! "

comment by GirlySwirly99

"theo,you're cute."

comment by haze

"Soooooooooooooo SWEET & ADORABLY CUTE!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Ella is a cute little morsel of fluff:o) She sounds like a sweetie-pie and I can see why she is loved so much.... ox ox ox"

comment by w102663

"your dog is the exact dog im looking for thru my life (i have 5 dogs 2 dachshunds,3 lapso apsas?"

comment by giigii

"look at those cute ears!"

comment by dogobsesser


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