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Happy Yorkshire Terrier Day! These Goofballs Will Help You Celebrate.

"How do you get ANYTHING done around your place w/ these 2 faces around? I would just be in a cute coma all day!"

comment by pupfanatic

"What a smile!"

comment by obreal

"what a cutie!"

comment by jennymarie2990

"i laughed out loud at this little chap. but laughed so hard at this picture!!!! so cute:) i wonder if that tasted good!?!?!:) hummmmm???????? he's adorable i love him!!!! hugs and kisses from hollywood!! "

comment by echobeagle001

"holy smokes - these are 2 of THE cutest little mischief makers I have seen in a long time. What adorable little guys. Snuggles & big treats to Monty & Milo from Oscar P. I'll bet they keep you laughing all the time."

comment by Heather

"Oh,are you a happy boy!!!Monty,your one good looking boy.Such a beautiful color you have.Lots of yummy treats!!!!"

comment by Debbie 57


comment by soccerdog#1

"She is soooo adorable!!"

comment by puppyloverrr

"11 biscuits! :D"

comment by puppylover4777

"she is CUTE!!! i just want to pick her up and hug her!!"

comment by puppyfan0725

"What an adorable face!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by meunie

"so cuteeeeeee =)"

comment by marisuzuki


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