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Happy Labrador Retriever Day! These Best Buds Will Help You Celebrate.

"This looks like doggie heaven! Maybe little girl heaven too! I love the one laying on his back - that just cracked me up. There's nothing like happy pups!"

comment by poochies=love

"a puppy as cute as you is going to find a great forever home soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by maddy lucy

"Adorable, both of you!"

comment by UrsaDad

"Adorable, i hope they get a loving guardian soon. I'm sure the will make great companions."

comment by Mmmousemaid

"Destiny I hope that you find a great forever home your soooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you lot's of hugs and kisses.I hope that you have a great life."

comment by Jose

"Awwwwww...Oakley....you are soooo, sooo, soooo CUUUUTE!!! Whatta sweetie!! Hugs from me & McGee!! XXOXO"

comment by yankigal

"I ADORE this little face!"

comment by BeautyLover

"Ready to open your present baby! I love Calvin. :o)"

comment by w102663

"Awww! Sweet as sugar! What a beautiful, precious dog you are Calvin! "

comment by jasper1

"WOW! Your backyard looks like a park with all those beautiful trees to sniff! I bet Calvin has LOADS of fun there!!! KONG!!! You can't have a better toy!!! SO CUTE!!! Calvin looks like he has lots of energy to burn and is having SO MUCH FUN! You look like a funny character. Congrats on getting the dailydog!!! :)"

comment by cutiepants26

"Calvin, you are such a beautiful boy! You dont look 11 at all! Have a great life!"

comment by chihuahuarescue


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