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These Boston Terriers are So-So Friendly

"He's very sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he has a long and happy life in his loving forever home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"He is so beautiful and clean. I love the distinction of the black and white."

comment by wolfcrazygirl

"He is the most adorable dog I have EVERRR seen!!"

comment by witnessofhistory

"Sir Winston you are absolutely ADORABLE!!!"

comment by shellebee75

"Mocha is a lovely mix!!"

comment by radioriot

"Winston, your mommie or daddy must be a photographer! Awesome shots. Subject matter aint too shabby either! you, sir. rock."

comment by nxsus6

"Winston is so cute!"

comment by naomi_C

"that is sooo adorable i love the tough sticking out"

comment by monroe

"not only a beautiful dog but beautiful pictures and a beautiful family! wish you guys wellness!"

comment by maggiegirl_1995

"i have a boston too! bostons are the best!"

comment by lizbeth129

"Such a pretty girl!"

comment by gryt


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