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Time for a Chow Chow Puppy Party!

"What a beautiful dog!"

comment by MAOAC12

"He has the most amazing face and his coat is simply beautiful!!!! All I can say is Marty, you hit the big time when your family rescued & adopted you and brought you back to health. Wishing you many more yrs. with Marty. Live long, stay healthy & play safe sweetheart. Love Storme & Dixie."

comment by LSM

"Beautiful! I have a chow/retriever mix that looks like he could be Marty's brother..You didn't adopt him in PA by any chance? Check out Symba on my profile :-)"

comment by Indika236

"Big PUPPY I love him so much!!!!"

comment by FakePuppyPolice

"You are so cute. Love the hairdo in this picture! You may be tough but you are still a lady!! WIshing you lots of fun this summer and health and happiness always! xoxoxo"

comment by mollyG

"Little girl, you make me smile! xox"

comment by labloverx2

"Tuffy is sooooo cute! What a great face. :)"

comment by gryt

"Does she get along with other dogs??"

comment by alicesandee

"Hey Miss Gidget! Keep them boys in line, you Diva, you! With your breed mix, I bet you're smart, loyal and protective. Aussie dogs rock!!! Enjoy!"

comment by Aussie mom


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