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Lol. You're not Ready for How Perfect These Shiba Inus Are.

"Awwwwwwww!He is such a cutie, his breed is a really cute one and Khouji is the cutest of them all."

comment by best doogy friends

"Hes Awesome!"

comment by I-Love-Dobermans-08

"Cutie Pie!"

comment by DailyPuppy Admin

"now there is a cool dog. i just love her! :D"

comment by tobyslattery

"THIS IS MY DOG!!! Why are you saying she's yours?? This makes no sense! WHY??? >_"

comment by shibaluver

"No it's OK there was a mix up thingy and it's ok now! :)"

comment by shibaluver

"I go tall confused cause the admin posted my dog and I had no clue!! Hee hee... :) Sorry, no big!"

comment by shibaluver

"HUH? that's shibaluver's dog... ????? i'm confused??!! Are you taking other peoples' dog's pictures?"

comment by puppylover4777

" this is the admins page the person who made the whole site! great dog to the both of you"

comment by pawprint1513

"My Shiba will NOT fetch or chase anything! Tug of war, sure, but she's not running after any stupid toys I toss in the air...."

comment by motorkitten

"Akuma- I already chose your goldfish stuffie pic on your Daily Puppy day today (congrats), but I had to come to your profile, cuz you are such a cute lil bear cub!!"

comment by pupfanatic

"What a gorgeous little pup!"

comment by gryt

"aaawww... tired after all that running! sweet dreams, baby! may you always be loved tl you're old & feeble. "

comment by Peeah


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