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These Great Pyreneess are The Most Sweet

"I agree with Wolfgirl66! My husband would love to meet Seeley's ex owner and give him some flashlight of his own:-). Thank you for saving Seeley and being such a wonderful human. I love you, Seeley baby boy!"

comment by mychiensr1

"Aww look at that sweet goggie... How wonderful that he bounced back from his hellish beginnings! At least the psychopath agreed to give the doga way (surely the gf's doing), and the dad-in-law had the sense to realize a small apartment wasn't the best for a Pyrenees (kudos!) – and look where sweet Seeley is now!! That happy face of his in his profile pic, daww. Xoxo"

comment by gryt

"I love Cooper. He is so beautiful!"

comment by lizanne

"Omg just saw the sleepy pic of him ON HIS FOOD -- too funny!"

comment by kristanhoffman

"Wow I cannot believe how much Cooper and Tucker look like twins I saw his picture on the August canine contest and had to do a double take!! Love your doggie:)"

comment by jwhite87

"Oh, my, could Baby Cooper be any more precious? I don't think it's possible! Give this adorable little one lots of belly scratches and cuddles for me. Smooches for Baby Cooper....I hope you both have many happy and healthy years together!"

comment by georgia04

"too cute i want him! "

comment by echobeagle001

"such a sweet guy :) as soon as i have a place of my own (rather than renting) i am going out to get a great pyrenees! they are my all time favorites :) enjoy your boy!"

comment by chasekitties

"Oh! too cute!! i love the picture of Cooper sleepig in his water bowl! "

comment by boxerlover58

"Look at that sweet face! What a sweetie!"

comment by SpunkySpencer

"Oh, super cute!! Looks very sweet. VERY VERY VERY cute!!!! ;-) :-)"

comment by boxerlove126

"Anatolian Shepherds Rock Ive had a few & they are just wonderful to have!!!"

comment by Rosie Chapman

"aww he would be great to be on daily puppy peace out!"

comment by peace out


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