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These Miniature Schnauzers are Preposterously Soft

"awww i cant give you a home tee hee"

comment by karissa143

"Awwwwwwwww Bradley is soooooooooo CUTE!!!!! He is TOTALLY on my favorite!!!!! "

comment by dogluvr975

"bradley is adorable! i love wheaten terriers!! :D"

comment by bubbaismybaby27


comment by SARAH73651

"What a cutie!!!!!!! I have a schnazuer, and can see some of the breed in him. Sending love and chin scratches to this beautiful baby!!!"

comment by OttosMom

"He is ssuch a playful little boy! I love him! Check out my puppy too! (;"

comment by OhMyItsMiah

"You are SUCH a cutie, Bradley!!! I could just snuggle in your fur, it looks soooo soft!!! Have a very fun summer with your family!!!:):):)"

comment by NanimyBoston

"awwwwwww cutieee!! "

comment by Lils

"Cassie, you are tooooo cute and sooooo funny!!! Mommy's little helper, I see.....lol. My Sammy (he passed away in April) loved to do dishes too, just before the dishwasher was turned on!!!! Now I have my little McGee sticking his nose in any and every little nook and cranny!!! You are a real sweetheart!! Too cute!!! Love you and your best friend Holly!! You both remind me of my little "grand dog" Willie. I watch him every day and I just love him to pieces."

comment by yankigal

"Wonderful Cassie is very pretty!!!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Hi Cassie, how wonderful, you have a new sister to keep you company, but I think you might need a bigger bed by the looks of this photo. I hope she is helping to fill the hole left in your heart by the loss of Holly. I wish you many happy years of fun together. xxxxxxx"

comment by schnauzer

"this is exactly what my mini schnauze charlier does its funny rite"

comment by mickymouse3

"omg! speechles :D"

comment by mickymouse3

"I couldn't decide between the pupsicle pics or the pup paws in the air ones. Walter, u rock...& u r brave to take on the kitty! LOL Have a long happy life little one! HUGS"

comment by stellysmom

"So cute. He and my Otto could be brothers. They look exactly alike at that age. Enjoy him."

comment by srapp

"Hi Walter, just commented on your daily puppy page and thought I'd check out your bio. I see you play with a CAT!!!!! I HATE CATS!!!!! I have never caught one, but I keep trying. Anyway its good to have another Schnauzer in our ranks. SCHNAUZERS RULE."

comment by schnauzer

"Good thing Walter likes snow! Such a cutie."

comment by flutterina

"Walter, you are a luv! My favorite breed...love that they like to sleep upside down. I am familiar with the icy snowballs in the beard and paws; do you get warm baths to thaw them out? Have a wonderful life, Walter. Hugs and kisses!"

comment by blong

"so cute!"

comment by wardr0107

"so cute! i hope they get happy homes!"

comment by rcmcritters


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