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These Friendly Miniature Schnauzers are Here to Melt Your Heart.

"sooo adorable!"

comment by furrymurray

"AWWWWW WHAT A CUTIE you must be sooooo Proud to own SUCH A LOVLEY little sweet heart!!!!!!!!!"

comment by clementinem

"I think this dog is sooooooo cute "

comment by Rach5208

"AWWW! She is sooo cute! Love her! :)"

comment by PuppyLuv101

"Sydney, you are adorable!! You could skate rings around your namesake!!"

comment by cuddles


comment by Jingle Bells

"Sydney....you are one precious little pup! Yoursoft, wavy coat and those wonderful eyebrows are real attention-getters in my book! You have just won my official "OMG!!! What A Mug!!" award for today! Love and lots of hugs to you, pretty girl!"

comment by JanW

"Who's winning this battle? Do I have the branch or does the branch have me?"

comment by DeniseB

"u sure this guy is purebred?? cuz he looks like a mix!! doesn't matter, i guess. HE IS TOO CUTE!! "

comment by Cakebatter


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