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These Really Darling Labrador Retrievers Want to Meet You!

"Beautiful Hank sounds like a total sweetheart! I hope y'all enjoy many happy years with him full of love & lots of fun!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"You will have a great dog with boxer that will make him a comic and the lab that will make him a sweetheart. Have a great life together. Hank you are a sweetie!"

comment by suzmom1

"Hank, you're a precious little puppy. those eyes and that face , you for sure should be submitted for puppy of the day here."

comment by jack14

"Hank is adorable! It looks like he love to play in the snow!"

comment by Yeta

"Hank you're a very handsome boy."

comment by Jose

"She's gorgeous and she sounds like a awesome friend!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Thank you for commenting on my Daisy. When we rescued her five years ago we had three other dogs, Midi, our beloved and handsome sweet, mild, fun loving black Lab and our gorgeous yellow girl, Rosebudd and our big, tall, lanky coonhound, Virgil. Looking at your magnificient photos makes my heart ache for your loss of Cheyenne. I know how you feel as we lost our Virgil to lymphoma in Sept.. Our Midi was 13 and Rosebudd 12 when they passed, a few months apart. We had quite a life together. In loving memory of all of our dogs, yours and mine, I am grateful to have been in their lives and to have been able to share a brief moment with your beautiful pups in your photo album.Meet our new rescue baby Buddy, he has breathed life into all of us, he found us, we believe he was heaven sent from pups we have known. Thanks again."

comment by virgilsmama

"Great name what a darling,cuddles from Australia"

comment by smooches


comment by sadiebarber

"oh Cheyenne, you are a true lab and you'd get along with my Flo, like 2 peas in a pod. "

comment by janaS

"What a pretty girl Cheyenne is!"

comment by doglover543

"I love black labs. I had one some years ago, when my kids were small. She was the best companion, and stayed with us 14 years. Your Cheyenne is a beauty, her hair is so glossy. It's plain to see she loves the water too, and retrieving. Have you ever had her retrieve a water ski? It's pretty amazing what labs can do, as well as take care of their humans. You picked a good name too! Puppy cookies and tummy rubs from Cheyenne and me!"

comment by Sandy, Cheyenne's mom2

"What a beautiful, beautiful girl."

comment by Rickysmom


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