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These Miniature Schnauzers are Way Too Squeezable

"Khloe Rose is Perfect!"

comment by dudden

"Khloe is an adorable little puppy! "

comment by Lulus Mom

"he's gorgeous"

comment by weezie

"such a sweet little guy! ;)"

comment by tobyslattery

"Awww! If he's anything like my white mini, he's one of the most easygoing dogs ever."

comment by strawbabies

"What a cute little button! I have a Miniature Schnauzer, Maggie, and a Brittany Spaniel, Scout. You're little man is a cutie!"

comment by spope

"Mini schnauzer are they best! I have a one called Pippin! Check out my dogs, please comment on them ^_^"

comment by puppymad17

"Winston and Oliver look so sweet and cute together. "

comment by portia

"I love them!! They are sooooo cute."

comment by lhunter

"LOL.. looks almost just like my baby! Schnauzers must like this pose!!! :)"

comment by krystin_poitra

"Winston, you are so adorable. You two look absolutely cute in the photo. Lots of cuddles and tummy rubs."

comment by jj77

"aww i like him a lot!!"

comment by iluvlildogs.

"winston is very cute. we have a cairn. terriers are the best! "

comment by e.harlow

"What beautiful photos! They are an adorable pair; thank you for sharing! "

comment by dashingdee

"NOT ADOPTABLE! I don't know why it says that!"

comment by Schnauzers Squad


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