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These Precious Collies are About to Make Your Day.

"she is so cute!!! I love collies"

comment by sophiedietrich26

"Piper is certainly adorable!!!! I love her!"

comment by livy901

"You know how to show your beauty. You are so pretty"

comment by inarooz

"piper is the true definition of adorability. so sweet, i see why you guysis adopted her. i woulda too, no matter wat daddy says... "

comment by datsmyname13

"OH PIPER!! UR JUST SOO INCREDIBLY DARLING!! WAT A SWEETIE PIE!!! aren't puddles just SOOOO much F-U-N???? hugs, kisses and LOTS of treats!! lol!!! xoxo, Hermes!! :DD ps check out my pup Hermes!! he luvs comments!!!"

comment by ckcspanielluver

"SOPHIE!! u soo soo CUTE!! all fluffy and gorgeous!!! sophie seems like a great doggy and a friend 4 ever!! i am so happy u have her as a companion!!! luv her up 4 ever!!! hugs, kisses and treats from my pup!! xoxo, Hermes!! :DD ps check out my pup Hermes!! he luvs comments!! thx!!"

comment by ckcspanielluver

"Sophie s adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by Rhoden10

"I know Sophie and she is such a cutie! She loves everybody! Plz vote for Sophie for the Daily Puppy! Plz She is the cutest mix breed and deserves to be number 1!"

comment by RebekahO.


comment by Megan Bauer

"She is beautiful! wow, what a sweet looking dog! awww i just want to hug her!!!! :)"

comment by ILUVMYPUP!

"Sooooooooo SWEET, CUDDLY, LOVABLE, BEAUTIFUL & PLAYFUL! I am sure that he keeps you very busy! Go Puppy Go! PUPPY POWER!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"You are the most beautifully coloured and marked little boy I have seen in a long time.Lots and lots of love, hugs and xxxxx`s"

comment by elsie`s mum

"We love your pics. You are so sweet looking."

comment by browneyes

"like a wolf. Too cute. HBD."

comment by Dhira


comment by wolfgirl66

"what an angel of a collie!!! she looks just like lassie!!!!! i have a puppy "princy" she is a rough coat collie mix!! come see her plz and comment to plz"

comment by princy&lady

"This gives "Dog Pile" a fun look at how a collie can think she is a lap dog. I kept Honey Bear's photo in my favorites because she is the most beautiful collie and reminds me of my Sunshine, aka Sunny. Lucky, lucky you!"

comment by dogylvr

"Happy b-day! May you have many more!!! :)"

comment by dogworld93

"I can't say enough about how beautiful Honey Bear is! Just stunning, really!"

comment by doggymommy

"So cute! I love collies! He looks a lot like my collie too! Check out my puppy!"

comment by collie_lover101


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