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Get Ready. You're not Ready for How Sweet-Faced These Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers Are.

"seems familiar!!"

comment by 3pid

"Be sure to submit Dougal to Daily Puppy - he's adorable and looks so much like Tucker at that same age. "

comment by wheatie mom

"AWWWWWWW He is soooooooooooooo handsome!!!!!!!!!!!Please comment on my pups."

comment by sundayfriday

"You are a real rough and tumble rascal Dougal. A long and happy life to you and your family."

comment by schnauzer

"Cute pictures!! Congratulations on getting Puppy of the Day!! I wish him a very long life!! Very cute!! I wish him many hugs, kisses, treats, belly rubs, more love, and many more GREAT things!! Please check out my dogs!! Cute name!! Thanks sooo much!!:D"

comment by lindseyfamilyof4

"What a sweetie, my Sophie had a things for sticks early on too. Too cute. "

comment by katsmith72

"Thank you! "

comment by ger07

"Sweet and adorable Wallace looks super HAPPY!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Wallace I just love how you are sitting here with such a happy expression on your face, it's like you are saying "Hi!" Watch out for those BIG dogs by the fence. You are a cutie."

comment by suzmom1

"You are adorable!!!!!and mischeivious!!!!! thx for the comments you sent to me,,,,,have a great life wallace!!!!"

comment by molly's mom

"Omg I used to have a soft coated Wheaton, they r such lovely dogs. All mine ever wanted in life was to be close to us. You are so cute and smart."

comment by hkm003

"He's adorable!!!! Hugs to that sweetie! :)"

comment by luvmyboyz

"Your little Louie is one of the cutest doggies ever!! Thank you for sharing him!! He's a doll!!!!!"

comment by howiesmom

"AWWWWWWWWWWW SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I LOVE Wheaten Terriers!!!!!!! Theres this one down at the beach I go to named Sophie shes a sweety!! Enjoy this beaitiful guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by clementinem

"Just love these little guys!!! So sweet with his head on the pillow!!! Hugs & biscuits."

comment by TummyTickler

"Adorable Finnegan looks very HAPPY!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"Ohhh.... you are so cute!! I love this picture!"

comment by rebamarsh

"so adorable, and an awesome poser!"

comment by janaS


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