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Your Stunning Terriers Have Arrived!

"that is a handsome boy he looks great in all the pictures"

comment by puplovernumber1

"Such an adorable face!"

comment by lucky&babesmom

"so cute love the name !"

comment by limegreen411

"Adorable dog! i can see why you couldnt pass him up =] and congrats on daily puppy~~please come comment on dakota id love it!"

comment by iheartmydog

"How could you not love that sweet little face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

comment by ckendall

"Very good! The shape of his head and his legs look a lot like our Irish Terrier. I'd be surprised if he didn't have some Irish in him."

comment by Pastor Tom

"Ohhhh Wall E....you are sooo CUUUTE! Whatta sweet little face!! Hugs from me & McGee!! XOXOXO"

comment by yankigal

"Wall-E you are just too cute!"

comment by gryt

"Utterly adorable. Just love your beautiful little face & wonderful big ears. Have a great life Wall-E.xxxx"

comment by Frances016

"Hi, Jacques! You are one handsome pup! Love your furry eyebrows! "

comment by wolfgirl66

"tooo dang cute. im soooo jealous. and im jealous bout the pup of the day.beautiful puppy."

comment by pawprint1513

"i want to adopt them all!"

comment by cutiepants26

"What a cutie! I love this puppy's Blue eye. It's so unique! I hope you and your brothers get adopted. Check out my dogs, and please comment on them. Thanks! :) ♥ ♥ :)"

comment by DogLuva595

"i love the puppies there all so cute"

comment by Chance551238

"thats so cute"

comment by ANGELIQUE45


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