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Your Happy English Springer Spaniels Have Arrived!

"Butter wouldn't melt in your mouth would it, Oscar? You are scrumptious. "

comment by Bud's Boss

"That is one happy pound puppy! You don't realize how much they really appreciate your presence until you rescue a dog. They are so full of love! From my pound puppies to you Wesson, glad you found a happy home! "

comment by pups'n'me

"Adorable "

comment by merp202

"Wesson, you are so lucky to live near water to have all this fun! Many happy years of swims and plays to you and your friends! Congratulations on winning a Puppy of The Day!"

comment by lucyny2000

"Wesson, you are positively BEAUTIFUL!! you really do look like a mini golden retriever! hahaha i love your face, you look like such a sweetheart. i hope you have a long and happy life!"

comment by loveofpuppies

"He does look like a mini golden. Very cute."

comment by jaspberry

"Oops I meant *Wesson* SORRY!!!!! Typo! lol"

comment by doglover543

"Awww Watson is so cute!"

comment by doglover543

"Rub my belly~Super cute. love english springer spaniels. voted for and added to my faves"

comment by rockford

"She's adorable. I especially like the picture of her leaning against Daddy, her paw affectionately and trustingly on his knee."

comment by quiltcat

"My springer is named Milou as well! She was a featured puppy in October 2006... they actually look a bit alike! "

comment by fastoch7

"What an absolutely gorgeous springer! They are so full of life and joy and merriment!"

comment by Miss Mads

"I adore springers as I have had them around since I was a little tot, and I have to say Milou is adorable. "

comment by Charb


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