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Boop! Can you Believe How Mischeivous These Great Danes Are?

"Such A Beautiful Dog you have Here ! i love the Breed (:"

comment by tracybabe12

"Give me some sugar!!!"

comment by stormsamson

"What a sweetheart!!!! so cute!!!! lots of hugs and kisses and bunches of bellyrubs!!!!!lots of luv too!!!!"

comment by shihtzuluver

"Pretty lady!!"

comment by puppydogtails

"Tashi, right now your toy is almost bigger than you! Or are you wearing a bowtie?! You are gorgeous!! "

comment by sammytoo!

"Tashi is a cuttie!! I love her fur coat it is very shiny!! I love all her pictures!! She is so tiny!! I wish a long life!! Congratulations on getting Puppy of the Day!! I wish many hugs, kisses, treats, belly rubs, more love, and many many more GREAT things!!! Please check out my dogs!! Thanks!!!!:D:D:D:):):) "

comment by lindseyfamilyof4

"So Cute!!!"

comment by docman

"Lovely dog and a great shot."

comment by black190190

"this is such a GREAT picture!! big hugs to Tashi! I hope you have a beautiful life together :-)"

comment by aerosmiley219

"hello TASHI!!! you are adorable and i am soo glad to be the first to comment on you! i love your colour and you will grow to be a big girl one day :) i love all your pictures but i ESPECIALLY love the one by the fireplace! please cubmit tashi for the front page!!! hugs n lix from my puppy ~ please leave a a comment by my Fox Terrier/ Whippet/ Mixed boy Charlie! THANKS!"

comment by Woof it

"Tashi is absolutly Beautiful!!! I love her sweet face!!! Great Danes are simply the Best & when God created them, He was just Showing Off. I know if my Dane, Michael Angelo saw you he'd fall in love!!!! ALl the best to you & your Sweet Dane, please check out my Dane & please comment "

comment by Rosie Chapman

"Your a cutie!"

comment by Jose


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