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These Playful Great Danes are Everything You Need Right Now.

"Hi! I am a visitor of your blog that you mentioned and I love looking at all the beautiful photos of Luna and Kaya. Great Danes are amazing. They seem like such characters, and gorgeous ones too! XxX"

comment by snoopygirl

"I love Great Danes, and Luna is just beautiful, her name suits her really good too. "

comment by rocketdog

"I love luna! She is precious. Great photography too."

comment by danetriplets

"I LOVE LUNA SHE IS GORGEOUS!I have a great dane to! "

comment by WildFlower

"I love Luna's comical and expressive ears! She is truly a beautiful dog. "

comment by Treelan

"Luna looks like such a fun dog! Very beautiful"

comment by Mickie1972

"Luna is a beautiful Dane! His/her face is pricelesss! I have always wanted a Great Dane, but some how have always managed to get hounds. I hope you Luna and Kaya have a long healthy life with lots of beach walks and treats!!"

comment by Hound Lover


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