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Time for a Basset Hound Puppy Party!

"Peanut does excellent work posing for photos! Such a cutie."

comment by gryt

"Thanks guys! My mom made a mistake on my birth date (silly mommy) I am actually only 4 today!"

comment by becca9891

"OMG your Puppy, needs to make a Book. "

comment by tattletails

"oh man. the ears. the ears, the ears. the big paws, the big paws, the big paws. Just so cute."

comment by ssmmtm

"OMG-you should frame this & put it on your wall!!!"

comment by pupfanatic

"I HAD to come look at the other pics of Sir Butterscotch. I LOVE the sleepy one, too. And THIS one is to die for; were you dangling filet mignon over the camera to get this shot??:) Outrageously cute!!!"

comment by pupfanatic

"This pic is so precious!"

comment by pandrews-4

"Laura I have sent a e-mail through your site for verification. Please respond ASAP. I know you got my PM through this site. Thank you."

comment by kian

"I found this on Flicker, stolen picture from laura olsen photography"

comment by kian

"basset hound are sooooo sweet and loving. i just love them. :)"

comment by tobyslattery

"I really want her!"

comment by lulujay

"Millie you are gorgeous! "

comment by kwikwitz

"Snoopy is scruffy cute - the best kind. A Walt Disney kind of dog. He looks irresistibly cute and I can see why folks stop you and ask about him. I'd do it just to get to pet him. I had to add him to my favorites as he reminds me of Snuffy, a basset/beagle mix I adopted from a kill shelter. She was the best dog a human could ever wish to share their life with."

comment by Critter Crazy

"Aren't you glad he adopted you? Snoopy, you are one fine looking fellow. "

comment by Bud's Boss

"Sooooooooooooo sweet & adorable!!!!! I love Rocky's beautiful brown eyes!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"how preciously adorable!!! hugs from Memphis....."

comment by stillwater20


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